Observations from OPNETWORK 2008

September 4, 2008

OPNET’s week-long technology conference, which was held last week in Washington D.C., was filled with great discussions and more than a few great new ideas and insights.   

One notion struck me in particular – it seems the “identity” of application performance management within the IT organization is shifting, that is, what group within IT is most closely associated with end-to-end APM. A few years ago if you asked who “owns” end-to-end APM you likely would have had several different groups raise their hands, or even more likely – none. However, it seems real “ownership” by a single specific team with recognized (if not formal) responsibility for APM is emerging more and more. We saw lots of anecdotal evidence of this. Further, Dennis Drogseth from Enterprise Management Associates shared some new research with conference participants that would seem to support this notion. (Although he also said a lot of organizations could measure “mean time to find someone” as a metric for responsiveness! Sorry Dennis – I couldn’t resist sharing!)

We’re still poring over the hundreds of surveys completed by conference participants, but hope soon to have some additional data points on this topic.



August 29, 2008

OPNETWORK is OPNET’s annual technology conference focusing on application and network performance management.

OPNET: All About “End-to-End Application Performance Management (APM)

August 10, 2008

Application Performance Management is an increasingly dynamic IT management discipline. It seems to have emerged as the “end-game” upon which other disciplines are converging – network management and operations to name a few. The visibility of performance management in the application development community is also on the rise. In short – it’s a very hot topic!

A few “hot” trends and topics that intersect with APM include:

  • Performance engineering – can you actually deploy applications faster and more successfully by introducing more steps to the QA process? A number of OPNET’s customers would say “Yes – absolutely!”
  • WAN optimization– this is a big, important networking trend that introduces big, important requirements for managing the applications that traverse those networks.
  • Virtualization – while the objective may be resource optimization, app performance is becoming recognized as a key consideration when assessing “should we… or shouldn’t we?”

What topics would you add to the list?