OPNET: All About “End-to-End Application Performance Management (APM)

Application Performance Management is an increasingly dynamic IT management discipline. It seems to have emerged as the “end-game” upon which other disciplines are converging – network management and operations to name a few. The visibility of performance management in the application development community is also on the rise. In short – it’s a very hot topic!

A few “hot” trends and topics that intersect with APM include:

  • Performance engineering – can you actually deploy applications faster and more successfully by introducing more steps to the QA process? A number of OPNET’s customers would say “Yes – absolutely!”
  • WAN optimization– this is a big, important networking trend that introduces big, important requirements for managing the applications that traverse those networks.
  • Virtualization – while the objective may be resource optimization, app performance is becoming recognized as a key consideration when assessing “should we… or shouldn’t we?”

What topics would you add to the list?


One Response to OPNET: All About “End-to-End Application Performance Management (APM)

  1. pecats says:

    Interesting Thought. New trends like: Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing will change how we build & deploy applications, and thus also influence performance management.

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