More from OPNETWORK 2008

OPNETWORK is OPNET’s annual technology conference focusing on application and network performance management. The event was held in Washington D.C. the week of August 25, and attended by approximately 1,800. And as you will see, it was really… excellent!

Here is a quick snapshop from Day 1!

It’s great to spend the best part of a week immersed in discussions with our users about application performance management – issues, trends, requirements, and of course technology. We will gather a lot of input from our conference participants this week –  it will be interesting to see how results compare with last year.

A year ago we surveyed hundreds of attendees at OPNETWORK 2007, and one-third cited “No time to plan – always fighting fires” as a primary issue affecting their organization’s effectiveness. Half cited “budget constraints.” And one-third indicated that they “need more staff.” You might conclude that there is too much to do and not enough resource to do it. But is more staff the right answer, or the only answer? What about processes? Policies? Tools?

Some of our clients have shifted their focus to reducing the number of performance problems that ever make their way into production, by putting more emphasis on certifying applications before they are deployed. Here is an interesting article that summarized a round table discussion of Performance Engineering that occurred at OPNETWORK 2007.

Expect to hear more about this trend – we certainly do.

More from the Conference:


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